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Sixth Incarnation of Vishnu as Parashuram

Parashurama Bhargava or Parasurama (Axe-wielding Rama), according to Hindu mythology is the Sixth Avatara of Vishnu, belongs to the Treta yuga, and is the son of Jamadagni & Renuka. Parashu means axe, hence his name literally means Rama-with-the-axe. He received an axe after undertaking a terrible penance to please Shiva, from whom he learned the methods of warfare and other skills. He is a Chiranjeevin, who fought the advancing ocean back thus saving the lands of Konkan and Malabar (Maharashtra - Karnataka - Kerala coastline). The coastal area of Karnataka and Kerala state in India is known as Parashurama Kshetra (Parashurama's area). Some dispute this and say it extends all the way to Mumbai in Maharashtra.

Parashurama's creation was a mistake, as his mother was given a concoction made to produce a Kshatriya child. Parashurama was of mixed varna. Parashurama's maternal uncle was the mighty King and Brahmarishi Vishwamitra but was a brahmin on his father's side.

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Dharti concludes Bali's story and introduces the next one of Lord Vishnu as Parasuram. It was a time for the supremacy of the Brahmas and the Ashrams were flourishing Kshastri kings started to resent the Ashrams.

Episode 49
King Saharsra appear before the Rishis for hitting Saint Jumdagini's son. He accuses the boy for obstructing his path. Rishis remind him that the land once donated belongs to the Ashram and he is forced to apologize to the little boy. Annoyed he meets with the other kings to control the power of the Ashrams by taxing them and stopping aid

Episode 50
Saint Jamdagni is happy to receive supplies for the ashram from the citizens who sympathized with them when the state stopped their aid. He visits king Sahasra to stop his confrontation with the ashrams.  Sahasra is adamant and is enraged when his secret of stealing the ashram cows is discovered. He orders the ashrams around his kingdom to be burnt and razed to the ground. Lord Vishnu is unhappy about these events and decides to reincarnate himself as Parshuram born to Renuka, Saint Jamdagni's wife.

Episode 51
Lord Vishnu is angry with atrocities being committed by king Sahasra Arjun and his associates on the Ashrams. His Ansh Avatar Parshuram is still a child and has to take time to grow up when he would avenge the atrocities. Parshuram's parents are surprised by his interest in martial arts and the army he is raising to oppose the king. Once Parrshuram is chased by soldiers and takes shelter in a temple of Lord Shiva. Shiva appears and advises him to become his pupil to lear advance martial arts.


Episode 52
Parshuram decides to go to Mount Kailash for ten years to learn martial arts. Jamdagini tries to dissuade him and pleas that a Brahman does not learn martial arts for destruction, he learns it to teach others. Parshuram declares that he no longer is a Brahman and putting an end to king's atrocities is his only mission in life. After the long walk he reaches mount Kailash with wounded feet. Seeing his determination Shiva accepts him as his pupil. Power continues to corrupt Sahasra Arjun he annexes even the kingdoms of his allies.

Episode 53
Confrontation between Sahasra and Ravan continues. Parshuram completes his penance and becomes the most skillful warrior of his time. He receives an axe as a weapon from Lord Shiva. Renuka decides to meet Sahasra and put some sense into him. She goes to his palace and is made a prisoner.

Episode 54
Sahasra's lecherous behavior enrages Renuka and she stabs him. Jamdagini accuse her for being unfaithful. He asks his sons to kill their mother. Parshuram loves his mother but obeys his father. Pleased with this he promises Parshuram to give him what he wants most. Parshuram asks to bring his mother back to life. 


Episode 55
Parshuram's act make his father realize his mistake. He asks for his wife's forgiveness and Renuka does so and hopes that the entire episode will be a lesson to future generations. Parshuram confronts Sahasra-arjun for his atrocities and lack of respect for women, but pardons his life when his wife comes forward to protect him. Sage Vaishishnath visits Jandagni with Sage Parival's daughter Anamika who is pleased to see her childhood frind Parshuram.

Episode 56
Sage Vaishishnath tells Jamdagni of the cow Sushila he has presented to him is capable of providing as much as one needs. Anamika remembers her childhood but Parshuram remarks that he has changed a lot. Sahasra-arjun sends his enaparti to kill Parshuram and destroy the ashram. Sahasra soldiers' capture Jamdagni, Renuka and others from the ashram.

Episode 57
Anamika follows Parshuram but he tells her to return to ashram. Sahasra senapati asks for his pardon by one more chance to kill Parshuram. His senapati goes to Ravan to help in return for his release. Ravan refuses to help him in his evil and cowardly act and prefers to stay captive.


Episode 58
Sahasra-arjun is sure that only Parshuram was responsible for Ravan's escape, so he sends his son as brahmins to the ashram. Sahasra sons injure Jamdagni and take the miraculous cow Sushila with them. Anamika informs Parshuram in the forest. He returns to the Ashram where Jamdagni agrees with him that only violence can curb violence.

Episode 59
Sahasra-arjun is facing a civil war as Parshuram has raised an army of gorilla fighters. He collects the neighbouring kings to fight back the Brahmans led by Parshuram. He also seeks the help of Vishwamitra, but he is not ready to lift arm against Brahmins. So, Sahasra abducts Anamika.





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