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Bhakta Prahalad

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A set of 7 DVDs portraying the
Story of the Fourth Incarnation of Lord Vishnu as Narasimha Avatar

Rent Complete Series of 7 DVDs for 1 Month for $21.95


Narasimha ("man-lion") (also known as Narasingh, Narasinga) ((नरसिंह in Devanagari) is desribed as the fourth incarnation (Avatara) of Lord Vishnu within the Vedic/Puranic texts of Hinduism. He is worshipped in deity form by a significant number of Vaishnava groups throughout India (especially in the South) and is primariliy known as the 'Great Protector', being a form of Vishnu who specifically defends and protects his devotees in times of need.


Holi gets us close to our religion and our mythology as it is essentially the celebration of various legends associated with the festival.
Foremost is the legend of Prahlad and Hiranyakshipu. The legend says there once lived a devil and powerful king, Hiranyakshipu who considered himself a god and wanted everybody to worship him. To his great ire, his son, Prahlad began to worship, Lord Vishnu. To get rid of his son, Hiranyakshyap asked his sister, Holika to enter a blazing fire with Prahlad in her lap, as she had a boon to enter fire unscathed. Legend has it that Prahlad was saved for his extreme devotion for the Lord while Holika paid a price for her sinister desire. The tradition of burning Holika or the 'Holika dahan' comes mainly from this legend.In Vaishnava Theology. The burning of Holika is celebrated as Holi.

Holi will be celebration this year on Saturday, March 03, 2007. Show this tv serials for religious education of your children. Order it today for $95 + s&h.
Or order just two episodes 10 and 11 (65 minutes) previewing above on a dvd for $15 plus $4 s&h.


Episode 1:
Hiranyakship doing penance to please Brahama. Suryadev tries to disrupt it. Shukracharya creates a curtain of smoke with his super-natural powers. The smoke covers the sun and Hiranyakaship does not feel the heat and is able to continue his penance. Devraj Indra meets Brahma and requests him not to grant any boon to Hiranakaship since it would be used against Devas and Manavs. Lord Vishnu states that no one is born as an Asur. One's Karma and conduct decide whether he is a "Sur" or an "Asur." Hirnayakaship succeeds in his penance and is pleased to know that Narad has taken care of Kayadu. He allows her to stay with him.

Episode 2:
Hiranyakaship comes to meet his wife at Devrish Narad's hut. He thanks him and Kayadu wishes to stay with Narad till her son is born. Narad is amused by the irony of fate which has put father and son in the opposite camps  ; the faces of this earth and his son (yet to be born) is destined to become Vishnu's ardent devotee. Hiranyakaship celebrates his victory. Swarbhanu visits him and says that after drinking Amrit he has become immortal and that even Vishnu couldn't kill him. Kayadu gives birth to a son, Prahlad.

Episode 3:
It is time for Kayadu and Prahlad to return to Haranyakaship. He requests that Shukracharya take over the responsibility of educating Prahlad. In gurukul Prahlad refuses to worship his father and declares that theere is only  oneGod and that is Vishnu. Lord Vishnu makes sure that Prahlad's faith in him is not shaken.


Episode 4:
Prahlad is now ready to leave the ashram. He has finished his education and is convinced that his father's claim of being the god is wrong. Narad had taught him that Vishnu is the only God and that he must propagate it. Haranyakaship is enraged when Prahlad tells him that there is only one God, Vishnu. He sends him back to the Ashram and warns his tutors. Laxmi is worried about his fate, but Lord Vishnu assures her that truth will prevail. Prahlad's fellow students also start believing that Vishnu is the only God.

Episode 5:
Prahlad is to appear in Hiranyakaship's court. His mother calls on him and pleads with him to say that his father is the only God. Prahlad refuses to do so and does not care about the threat to his life. He goes to the court, pays his respects but states categorically that there is only one God and He is Lord Vishnu. Hiranyakaship is enraged and orders his son's execution. His men fail to do so. Kayadu pleads with her husband but he remains adamant.

(Note: English subtitles are not correctly synchronized in a couple of episodes of this volume)
Episode 6:
Swarbhanu who has kept Prahlad hungry and has made it difficult for him to procure food, is chased away by Lord Vishnu's Sudarshan Chakra. Prahlad is happy when he sees his ashram mates near him and chanting Vishnu's name in chorus. As Lord Vishnu's popularity grows, Hirnyakishup is enraged and he orders Swarbhanu to find Prahlad and kill him. They find him and throw him from a hilltop not realizing that he falls into a bullock cart.


Episode 7
Goddess Laxmi is worried about Prahlad’s fate because the bullock cart he fell in is going towards Hiranyakshipu’s kingdom. The bullock cart owner is accused of harboring a traitor and is produced before the King. He is angry to see Prahlad alive and orders him to be kept in prison until further notice. Swarbhanu advises the King to poison Prahlad. Whe he is poisoned nothing happens to him. Lord Shiva has taken the poison himself.

Episode 8
Hiranyakashipu is furious with Swarbhanu for failing in the attempts to kill Prahlad thrice. Sinhika and her husband Viprachiti arrive there. Hirnyakshaipu welcomes his sister and asks her to eliminate Prahlad. Viprachitti suggests that Prahlad be sent to Kamloke where his elder brother would eliminate him. Prahlad arrives in Kamloke and is eager to go to a place where his brother has informed him is a temple of Vishnu.

Episode 9

Kayadu prays to Lord Vishnu to protect her son. On Ahlad’s insturctions Prahlad is locked in the snake pit he thought was a temple for Vishnu. He moves in the pit without fear praying the whole time to Lord Vishnu. Vishnu releases his Sudarshan hakra to protect Prahlad. An escaped snake bites Ahlad and he dies. Prahlad begs Vishnu to bring his brother back to life and his wish is granted.


Episode 10
Hiranyakashipu is eagerly waiting to receive the news of his son Prahlad’s death. Contrary to his wish he learns that his elder son has died from snakebite. His sister swears that she will burn Prahlad alive. Prahlad’s prayers had brought Ahlaad back to life. Prahlad and Ahlaad return to the palace to show that he is alive. Prahlad is eager to see his father’s sister Sinhika to show him that flames cannot burn her. Ahlaad and Kayadu also start believing that Vishnu is the only God of the universe.  

Episode 11
Sinihika prepares to enter the flames along with Prahlad who does not know that he has planned to burn him alive. Sinhika burns in the flames but nothing happens to Prahlad who practices yoga under Lord Vishnu’s protection. Hiranyakashipu vows to kill his son who is now imprisoned. The king then asks Agni why Sinhika’s plan did not work. She explains that the boon granted to Sinihika was to be used as a protective measure not as a weapon to harm others. Hirnyakashipu is furious and he orders Ashwamitra to imprison the gods.

Episode 12
Viprachitti reports to Hiranyakashiput and Shukracharya that he has drowned Prahlad in the sea. The king replies angrily that Prahlad did not drown and that all their efforts to kill him have failed. Shukracharya suggests that Hirnyakashipu be patient and leave everything else to him. He accuses Shund and Amark for their failure to discipline their students who are now supporting Prahlad. When a final attempt to have Prahlad trampled by an elephant fails, it is decided to invoke the demoness Kritya.


Episode 13
Prahlad’s mother Kayadu has a premonition that her son’s life is once again in danger. Shund and Amark invoke Kritiya to kill Prahlad. She appears and kills both of them. Prahlad is sad to see his gurus killed. Shukracharya blames Prahlad and Vishnu for the death of his sons. Prahlad prays and pleads for Vishnu to revive them and his prayers are answered. Now Shund and Amark are grateful to Prahlad and also accept Vishnu as the only god of the universe. Brahma is sorry to have granted a boon to Hirnyakashipu that he would neither die during the day nor at night and that no weapon can kill him. Hirnyakashipu decides to kill Prahlad himself.

Episode 14
Hiranyakashipu is shocked to see Prahlad alive and Shund and Amark dead. He questions Shukracharya who tells him that Kritiya was the on who killed them. Hiranyakashipu blames Vishnu for the failure to kill Prahlad. Viprachitti and Ahlaad arrive in Asurloke. The king announces them to his heir apparent. Kayadu is happy to hear that her son is alive. Vishnu takes it upon himself to kill Hiranyakashiput. He appears as Narsingh  from the iron pillar and kills Hirnyakashipu.

Episode 15
Goddess Laxmi is grateful to Lord Vishnu for saving Prahlad and killing Hiranyakashiput. Prahlad express his grief for the death of his father to Kayadu and asks her if she held him responsible. She blames only her fate for the calamity. Ahlaad will not perform the king’s last rites because after he was given away for adoption he had ceased to remain the king’s son. Prahlad prepares to light the pyre of his late father. Prahlad pleads with Ahlaad to become the king of Asurs but eventually has to become the ruler himself


Episode 16
Prahlad is now the king of Asurloke married to Dhriti he holds his court and assures his subjects of peace and justice. Two women are brought to his court both claiming to the real mother of the same child. When no one is able to aid Prahlad in making the decision of whom the child belongs to he calls both women to the court once again. He orders the state Jallad to cut the child in two. The real mother cries out to give the child to the other woman so that the child’s life will be spared. Lord Vishnu admires Prahlad’s sense of justice.

Episode 17
Prahlad’s son Virochan finishes his education at Rajguru Shukracharya’s ashram. Prahlad announces his appointment as heir apparent to the throne. To celebrate the occasion a hunting expedition is planned. Dhirti and Kayadu are against it. Virochan ends up going for a hunting game. He is trapped in the forest because of a storm followed by torrential rains. While he is there he saves Sudhanwa (son of Rishi Angira) who is burried under an uprooted tree.

Episode 18
Virochan and Sudhanva are trapped under a tree and are wounded in an attempt to save each other. They wander onto a path looking for shelter and arrive at a cottage where Deepavali (dughter of Sage Vatsa) helps them. Both of them fall in love with her and leave with heavy hearts. Prahlad wanders into the forst looking for Virochan.


Episode 19
Having lost their hearts to Deepavali both Virochan and Sudhanva yearn to be with her. Soon Sudhanva’ father Sage Angira and Virochan’s guru Sage Shankracharya lear about the predictament. They both send proposals to Deepavali. She is unable to choose between the two and wants her father to decide. Virochan refuses to wait and takes her away to his guru’s ashram.

Episode 20
King Prahlad is shocked to learn that his son has abducted Deepavali. He assures the assembly that justice will be done. He later saves Deepavali and brings her to his own palace. Since her father is unable to choose between both men, it is up to Prahlad to make the decision. Virochan is told to seek the support of the grandmother Kayadu and is assured that the decision will be in his favor

Episode 21
Sudhana meets Prince Virochan and tells that he has agreed to the king being the judge in their tussle for marrying Deepavali and he will abide by the king's decision. King Prahalad is perplexed because he has to choose between his lover his son and his love for justice. Goddess Laxmi pesters Lord Vishnu to find a suitable solution to the problem. Lord Vishnu says that Prahlad as a king has to make a decision on his own which would raise or mar his status in the eyes of his subjects.

Episode 41
Virochan and Vishalaakshi-daughter of Vishalaksh, prime minister of Danaraj Tarasur are attracted towards each other and get married with blessing of queen mother Kayadhu, king Prahlad and queen Dhriti. Prahlad decides to take sanyas and celebrates the coronation of his son Virochan. Bhirgu predicts danger to Virochan's life and suggest he serve penance in the Himalyas to avert it. As Virochan decides to leave his wife, Vishalaakshi gives birth to a son.




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