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VishnuPuran Volumes 1 to 23

Today's Special Price $325 only

Dr. B.R. Chopra's popular TV Serial Vishnu Puran is now complete with a total of 124 episodes of 35 to 45 minutes each compiled on 23 DVDs with audio in Hindi and Tamil and with English subtitles.
Vishnupuran is one of the most popular mythological TV serials from India. It is the story of Lord Vishnu, who in man's fight against evil, comes to earth time & again to maintain the balance between good & evil.

Vishnupuran covers the stories of the ten incarnations of Lord Vishnu the sustainer, namely , Matsya (horned fish), Kurma (Mighty turtle), Varaha (Fierce Boar), Narasimha (man-lion), Vamana (midget), Parasurama (angry sage), Rama (dutiful prince), Krishna (righteous cowherd), Buddha (compassionate sage) and Kalki (Messaih)

Cost of each volume is $22.95 plus $5.00 s&h to any part of the world. However if you order all the currently available 23 volumes the cost to you would be $325 with free shipping within USA

Order Vishnu Puran Volumes 1 to 23 @ $325 with free s&h in USA


Order Vishnu Puran Volumes 1 to 23 @ $325 with $36 s&h outside USA

Rent Complete Series of 23 DVDs for 1 Month for $94.95


NOTE: With the completion and release of the 23 volumes of this tv serial in a deluxe box edition, individual volumes  are currently in short supply and may soon become unavailable on DVD. Only way we can supply a replacement dvd to complete your set is by having it specially backed up on to a dvd. The cost of the back up service is $20 per dvd. Please feel free to send an email to videostore@intelindia.com indicating the volume number/s you need.

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VISHNU PURAN* Volumes 1 to 23 (Now shipping)
Order all 23 volumes shipping now.

Click here for Synopsis of all Episodes of VISHNUPURAN Serial or order individual volumes 
Cost of each volume is $22.95 plus $5.00 s&h to any part of the world. However if you order the 23 volumes available now the cost to you would be a total of $325 with free shipping within USA

Order Vishnu Puran Volumes 1 to 23 @ $325 with free s&h in USA


Order Vishnu Puran Volumes 1 to 23 @ $325 with $36 s&h outside USA


Episodes 1 to 4

Episode 1
Dharti intorduces herself to the viewers and starts narrating the story of the creation of universe.

"Before the beginning there was an end" she says, and then reveals how the universe was created by the supreme God Lord Vishnu. He appeared on our planet as a child floating on a leaf in the ravaging deluge after the world had come to an end. He created the Hindu trinity of gods Brahma, Vishnu & Mahesh. The three maintained the sacred and moral order of Dharma to ensure harmony in the free world.

Episode 2:
Dharti continues to narrate the story. Manu and Shatrupas first son becomes the first king of our country. He has two wives from whom he has a son named Uttam. When Dhruv is neglected by his father he looks to his mother for help. In turn she tells him to pray to Lord Vishnu and ask the supreme god to grant him all his wishes.

Episode 3
Unsatisfied with praying to the image of Lord Vishnu, Dhruv leaves the palace in search of the supreme god himself. When Laxmi sees a child roaming about alone in the night she pleads with Vishnu to protect him. Laxmi later saves Dhruv from a gang of dacoits. Manu holds Uttanpad responsible for the disappearance of Dhruv. Narad is sent by Vishnu to guide Dhruv to the forest to pray for the supreme god to appear. Laxmi asks goddess Saraswati to protect Dhruv while he is in the forest.

Episode 4:
Goddess Parvati agrees to the request of Laxmi to protect Dhruv in the forest. She goes to the forest on her Vahan (tiger) and saves Dhruv from a cheetah. She reports to Lord Shiva that Dhruv was unaware of the attack since he was so engrossed in his prayers. Dhruv gives up eating to compel Lord Vishnu to come to him. Vishnu refuses to do so until Dhruv goes through what is written in his fate by Brahma. Indra is told of Dhruvs whereabouts and she fears he may ask Vishnu for his throne. Narad tries to warn Dhruv by sending Rakshita disguised as his mother, but even she is unable to obstruct his

VISHNUPURAN* - VOLUME 2 (Now Shipping)  ||
Episodes 5 to 9

Episode 5:
 King Uttanpad is unable to do his duty towards his subjects because his efforts to find his son Dhruv have failed. Lord Indras efforts to obstruct Dhruvs prayers also fail and Narad advises him to refrain. To achieve his goal, Dhruv stops breathing and the entire universe stands still. Eventually the supreme God Vishnu appears before Dhruv and is questioned by him.

Episode 6:
Sitting in supreme God Vishnus lap is ecstasy for Dhruv, as he feels fully enlightened. Lord Vishnu gives him a discourse on "Karma" and "Bhakti". He instructs him to return to his people and attain salvation through Karma. Dhruv returns home and the reunion of his entire family completes his happiness. Goddess Laxmi requests that LOrd Vishnu allow mankind to have the benefit of his wisdom. "Dharti" introduces the story of a saint Kashyap who had three wives, Diti, Aditi and Dhanu.

Episode 7:
 Lord Brahma comes to meet Lord Vishnu. He is asked to pass on the Vedas (the words of the cosmic Lord himself to guide mankind to live a purposeful life) to mankind. Goddess Laxmi is pleased with the Lords concern for humanity however Haygrive - the Dhanav is upset and considers it to be unfair. He steals the Vedas when Brahma is away.

Episode 8: 
Vishnu tells Laxmi that Dharti is disintegrating and its law are collapsing. It was time for him to reincarnate himself to purify and save it from the decay that had set in. Once again Vishnu and Laxmi become one. Brahma informs Vishnu that Danav Haygrive has stolen the Vedas. Vishnu decides to punish him. One day a tiny fish swims into Manus hands and requests that Manu care for it and protect it from the bigger fish in the ocean. The fish is none other than Lord VIshnu. The Vedas disappear and Haygrive's men who were guarding them rush to inform Haygrive.

Episode 9:
Haygrive and his men succeed in searching out the four Vedas. He wants to destroy them but Lord Vishnu rescues them and kills Haygrive. Manu, having gathered all the seeds of the plants and a pair of every bird, awaits Lord Vishnu. He realizes, he has forgotten to take the Saptvishis with him. They would be needed to educate mankind. Lord Shiv prepares to create a deluge to purify Dharti.

Episodes 10 to 14

Episode 10: 
Kashyap refuses to attend Haygrives funeral for he believes he deserved what he got. Power corrupted him and his violent ways had brought upon his death. He also feared that the violent culture of Danavas would bring about more disaster. A war of succession begins between Kaal Ketu and Harshad. Indra the leader of the gods defeats Kaal Ketu. He declares that he is almighhty and unbeatable but Lord Vishnu is unhappy about this declaration.

Episode 11: 
Dharti comments on the death of Haygrive. It says that the wise always try to overcome their shortcomings when they face opposition. The unwise close their minds and become victims of their pride. Chitrath and Malayaketu inform Indra that the Danavs have decided to invade the realm of the gods. Lord Vishnu is unhappy with Indras pride. Shukracharya decides to do penance and obtain Sajeevni Mantra as his reward from Lord Shiva. Once he has this mantra he can bring back the dead. Lord Shiva suggests that the mantra be given to the one who can prove his ability to posses this mantra in a test.

Episode 12: 
Devraj Indra is certain that Danav Guru Shukracharya wont succeed in his penance. Later he sends Chitrath and Malayaketu to witness this failure and bring the good news back to him. Narad informs Devraj Indra that Shukracharya is going through his penance with determination and it looks as if he will succeed. Indra sends Apsaras to obstruct him. Indras daughter takes the job instead even though her father asks her not too.

Episode 13: 
Hanging upside down from the branch of a tree, Danav guru continues his penance. Indras daughter Jayanti arrives there posing as a disciple and manages to put red chilli powder in the dry burning leaves. The smell causes Shukracharyas eyes, nose & ears to bleed. Unable to handle his suffering Jayanti confesses her guilt. Lord Vishnu sees a clamity for Devtas in the event of Shukracharya completing his penance. He grants him the Sanjeevni Mantra. To resolve her sins Jayanti offers to serve Shukracharya all her life, and he accepts her as his wife.

Episode 14: 
Devraj Indra is told that Danavs have declared war against Devloke. He orders his associates to crush the invaders. Shukracharya prepares to leave for the battlefield. The war starts and Danavs give Devtas a crushing defeat. Goddess Laxmi is worried about the fate of the Devtas. Lord Vishnu tells her not to worry but to wait & see. Vishnu Bhagwan asks Indra to churn the primeval waters and bring out nectar from it, which would make the Devtas immortal.

Episodes 15 to 19

Episode 15:
 Lord Vishnu is happy to note that Devraj Indra has succeeded in convincing Danay Guru Shukracharya that churning of primeval waters to obtain nectar would be beneficial for all concerned. He further remarks that wars can also be won with convincing words. Devtas and Danavs agree to share the treasures that would be obtained form the waters equally. Lord Vishnu asks Narad to make sure that Danavs holds the head of Vasuki Nag to be used as a rope. Shukracharya asks Swarbhuanu to make sure that the division of the treasures from the primeval waters is fair.

Episode 16: 
Turning into Kurma the divine turtle, Vishnu supports the cosmic churn on his back. Devtas pay homage to him and the churning of the waters begins. Gods hold Sesha Naag's tail and the Danavs grab his neck while the churning starts. The ocean froths and fumes and kalkuta poison rises form it. On Vishnu's request Shiv collects the lethal fluid and drinks it. Soon goddess Laxmi emerges from the waters. The Danavs and Devtas wish to possess her and are ready to go to war for her. She pleads with Vishnu who directs her to Brahma. He intervenes and gives Laxmi the right to choose her husband.

Episode 17: 
Laxmi is sad because Vishnu has not been invited to her "Swayamvar" arranged by Brahama. She says so to Narad who promises to request Vishnu to attend. All the invitees gather at the venue where Laxmi's swayamvar is to take place. Brahma makes the announcement that henceforth it would be the right of every woman to choose her husband. She would put a garland around his neck to reveal her choice. Laxmi becomes restless because Vishnu is nowhere to be seen in the gathering. When he finally arrives she happily puts the garland around his neck and hail the cosmic couple. Churning of the waters starts again and Dhanvantri emerges with a pot of gold containing nectar.

Episode 18: 
Shukracharya scolds Danavs for being cheated by the Devtas. Brahamputra Sankadik Rishis come to meet Vishnu. They introduce themselves to Vishnu's guards. They obstruct their entry and so they curse them to become demons. they will be born as demons in their next three lives and must die at the hands of Vishnu each time for the curse to end. They are reborn as Harnakshya and Harnakashipu and Harnakshya kidnaps Dharti. Vishnu appears as Varha and rescues her then kills Harnakshya. Hiranakashipu decides to take revenge and orders that no one in his realm can worship Vishnu.

Episode 19: 
Indra, Varun and Agni try to disrupt Hiranyakashipu's penance and prayers to please Brahama but Guru Shukracharya protects him; thus defeated Indra decides to kill Hiranyakashipu's son who is still in his mother's womb. Lord Vishnu promises Laxmi that he would make sure that Asur violence comes to an end. Agni's attempt to harm. Kayadu fails so Indra kidnaps Kayadu after killing Vidaal. Narad stops Indra and rescues Kayadu. He takes her to his Ashram and makes sure she worships Vishnu so her child will be born a devotee.

(Note: English subtitles are not correctly synchronized in a couple of episodes of this volume)

Episodes 20 to 24

Episode 20:
Hiranyakship doing penance to please Brahama. Suryadev tries to disrupt it. Shukracharya creates a curtain of smoke with his super-natural powers. The smoke covers the sun and Hiranyakaship does not feel the heat and is able to continue his penance. Devraj Indra meets Brahma and requests him not to grant any boon to Hiranakaship since it would be used against Devas and Manavs. Lord Vishnu states that no one is born as an Asur. One's Karma and conduct decide whether he is a "Sur" or an "Asur." Hirnayakaship succeeds in his penance and is pleased to know that Narad has taken care of Kayadu. He allows her to stay with him.

Episode 21:
Hiranyakaship comes to meet his wife at Devrish Narad's hut. He thanks him and Kayadu wishes to stay with Narad till her son is born. Narad is amused by the irony of fate which has put father and son in the opposite camps  ; the faces of this earth and his son (yet to be born) is destined to become Vishnu's ardent devotee. Hiranyakaship celebrates his victory. Swarbhanu visits him and says that after drinking Amrit he has become immortal and that even Vishnu couldn't kill him. Kayadu gives birth to a son, Prahlad.

Episode 22:
It is time for Kayadu and Prahlad to return to Haranyakaship. He requests that Shukracharya take over the responsibility of educating Prahlad. In gurukul Prahlad refuses to worship his father and declares that theere is only  oneGod and that is Vishnu. Lord Vishnu makes sure that Prahlad's faith in him is not shaken.

Episode 23:
Prahlad is now ready to leave the ashram. He has finished his education and is convinced that his father's claim of being the god is wrong. Narad had taught him that Vishnu is the only God and that he must propagate it. Haranyakaship is enraged when Prahlad tells him that there is only one God, Vishnu. He sends him back to the Ashram and warns his tutors. Laxmi is worried about his fate, but Lord Vishnu assures her that truth will prevail. Prahlad's fellow students also start believing that Vishnu is the only God.

Episode 24:
Prahlad is to appear in Hiranyakaship's court. His mother calls on him and pleads with him to say that his father is the only God. Prahlad refuses to do so and does not care about the threat to his life. He goes to the court, pays his respects but states categorically that there is only one God and He is Lord Vishnu. Hiranyakaship is enraged and orders his son's execution. His men fail to do so. Kayadu pleads with her husband but he remains adamant.

(Note: English subtitles are not correctly synchronized in a couple of episodes of this volume)
Episodes 25 to 29

Episode 25:
Swarbhanu who has kept Prahlad hungry and has made it difficult for him to procure food, is chased away by Lord Vishnu's Sudarshan Chakra. Prahlad is happy when he sees his ashram mates near him and chanting Vishnu's name in chorus. As Lord Vishnu's popularity grows, Hirnyakishup is enraged and he orders Swarbhanu to find Prahlad and kill him. They find him and throw him from a hilltop not realizing that he falls into a bullock cart.

Episode 26
Goddess Laxmi is worried about Prahlad’s fate because the bullock cart he fell in is going towards Hiranyakshipu’s kingdom. The bullock cart owner is accused of harboring a traitor and is produced before the King. He is angry to see Prahlad alive and orders him to be kept in prison until further notice. Swarbhanu advises the King to poison Prahlad. Whe he is poisoned nothing happens to him. Lord Shiva has taken the poison himself.

Episode 27
Hiranyakashipu is furious with Swarbhanu for failing in the attempts to kill Prahlad thrice. Sinhika and her husband Viprachiti arrive there. Hirnyakshaipu welcomes his sister and asks her to eliminate Prahlad. Viprachitti suggests that Prahlad be sent to Kamloke where his elder brother would eliminate him. Prahlad arrives in Kamloke and is eager to go to a place where his brother has informed him is a temple of Vishnu.

Episode 28

Kayadu prays to Lord Vishnu to protect her son. On Ahlad’s insturctions Prahlad is locked in the snake pit he thought was a temple for Vishnu. He moves in the pit without fear praying the whole time to Lord Vishnu. Vishnu releases his Sudarshan hakra to protect Prahlad. An escaped snake bites Ahlad and he dies. Prahlad begs Vishnu to bring his brother back to life and his wish is granted.

Episode 29
Hiranyakashipu is eagerly waiting to receive the news of his son Prahlad’s death. Contrary to his wish he learns that his elder son has died from snakebit. His sister swears that she will burn Prahlad alive. Prahlad’s prayers had brought Ahlaad back to life. Prahlad and Ahlaad return to the palace to show that he is alive. Prahlad is eager to see his father’s sister Sinhika to show him that flames cannot burn her. Ahlaad and Kayadu also start believing that Vishnu is the only God of the univers.  

Episodes 30 to 34

Episode 30
Sinihika prepares to enter the flames along with Prahlad who does not know that he has planned to burn him alive. Sinhika burns in the flames but nothing happens to Prahlad who practices yoga under Lord Vishnu’s protection. Hiranyakashipu vows to kill his son who is now imprisoned. The king then asks Agni why Sinhika’s plan did not work. She explains that the boon granted to Sinihika was to be used as a protective measure not as a weapon to harm others. Hirnyakashipu is furious and he orders Ashwamitra to imprison the gods.

Episode 31
Viprachitti reports to Hiranyakashiput and Shukracharya that he has drowned Prahlad in the sea. The king replies angrily that Prahlad did not drown and that all their efforts to kill him have failed. Shukracharya suggests that Hirnyakashipu be patient and leave everything else to him. He accuses Shund and Amark for their failure to discipline their students who are now supporting Prahlad. When a final attempt to have Prahlad trampled by an elephant fails, it is decided to invoke the demoness Kritya.

Episode 32
Prahlad’s mother Kayadu has a premonition that her son’s life is once again in danger. Shund and Amark invoke Kritiya to kill Prahlad. She appears and kills both of them. Prahlad is sad to see his gurus killed. Shukracharya blames Prahlad and Vishnu for the death of his sons. Prahlad prays and pleads for Vishnu to revive them and his prayers are answered. Now Shund and Amark are grateful to Prahlad and also accept Vishnu as the only god of the universe. Brahma is sorry to have granted a boon to Hirnyakashipu that he would neither die during the day nor at night and that no weapon can kill him. Hirnyakashipu decides to kill Prahlad himself.

Episode 33
Hiranyakashipu is shocked to see Prahlad alive and Shund and Amark dead. He questions Shukracharya who tells him that Kritiya was the on who killed them. Hiranyakashipu blames Vishnu for the failure to kill Prahlad. Viprachitti and Ahlaad arrive in Asurloke. The king announces them to his heir apparent. Kayadu is happy to hear that her son is alive. Vishnu takes it upon himself to kill Hiranyakashiput. He appears as Narsingh  from the iron pillar and kills Hirnyakashipu.

Episode 34
Goddess Laxmi is grateful to Lord Vishnu for saving Prahlad and killing Hiranyakashiput. Prahlad express his grief for the death of his father to Kayadu and asks her if she held him responsible. She blames only her fate for the calamity. Ahlaad will not perform the king’s last rites because after he was given away for adoption he had ceased to remain the king’s son. Prahlad prepares to light the pyre of his late father. Prahlad pleads with Ahlaad to become the king of Asurs but eventually has to become the ruler himself
Episodes 35 to 39

Episode 35
Prahlad is now the king of Asurloke married to Dhriti he holds his court and assures his subjects of peace and justice. Two women are brought to his court both claiming to the real mother of the same child. When no one is able to aid Prahlad in making the decision of whom the child belongs to he calls both women to the court once again. He orders the stata Jallad to cut the child in two. The real mother cries out to give the child to the other woman so that the child’s life will be spared. Lord Vishnu admires Prahlad’s sense of justice.

Episode 36
Prahlad’s son Virochan finishes his education at Rajguru Shukracharya’s ashram. Prahlad announces his appointment as heir apparent to the thrne. To celebrate the occasion a hunting expedition is planned. Dhirti and Kayadu are against it. Virochan ends up going for a hunting game. He is trapped in the forest because of a storm followed by torrential rains. While he is there he saves Sudhanwa (son of Rish Angira) who is burred under an uprooted tree.

Episode 37
Virochan and Sudhanva are trapped under a tree and are wounded in an attempt to save each other. They wander onto a path looking for shelter and arrive at a cottage where Deepavali (dughter of Sage Vatsa) helps them. Both of them fall in love with her and leave with heavy hearts. Prahlad wanders into the forst looking for Virochan.

Episode 38
Having lost their hearts to Deepavali both Virochan and Sudhanva yearn to be with her. Soon Sudhanva’ father Sage Angira and Virochan’s guru Sage Shankracharya lear about the predictament. They both send proposals to Deepavali. She is unable to choose between the two and wants her father to decide. Virochan refuses to wait and takes her away to his guru’s ashram.

Episode 39
King Prahlad is shocked to learn that his son has abducted Deepavali. He assures the assembly that justice will be done. He later saves Deepavali and brings her to his own palace. Since her father is unable to choose between both men, it is up to Prahlad to make the decision. Virochan is told to seek the support of the grandmother Kayadu and is assured that thedecision will be in his favor
Episodes 40 to 44

Episode 40
Sudhana meets Prince Virochan and tells that he has agreed to the king being the judge in their tussle for marrying Deepavali and he will abide by the king's decision. King Prahalad is perplexed because he has to choose between his lover his son and his love for justice. Goddess Laxmi pesters Lord Vishnu to find a suitable solution to the problem. Lord Vishnu says that Prahlad as a king has to make a decision on his own which would raise or mar his status in the eyes of his subjects.

Episode 41
Virochan and Vishalaakshi-daughter of Vishalaksh, prime minister of Danaraj Tarasur are attracted towards each other and get married with blessing of queen mother Kayadhu, king Prahlad and queen Dhriti. Prahlad decides to take sanyas and celeberates the coronoation of his son Virochan. Bhirgu predicts danger to Virochan's life and suggest he serve penance in the Himalyas to avert it. As Virochan decides to leave his wife, Vishalaakshi gives birth to a son.

Episode 42
Virochan has to leave to do penance for ten years because the planet under which Bali is born are unfavourable to Virochan. Virochan's penance bears fruit and Surya gives him a crown to protect himself. Virochan's edict that only Vishnu would be worshipped in Asurloka angers Indra and other Gods. Indra decides to kill Virochan. Vishnu and Lakshmi are disturbed. Vishalakh invites Virochan to attend the convocation of their son Bali.

Episode 43
Virochan plans to attend Bali's convocation alone. Like his father Prahlad, Virochan doesn't use state employees for his personal activities. Indira is determined to kill Virochan and requests Malyaketu to ask Surya to break Virochan's journey. Indra steals Virochan's crown that ensures his safety. Later on has a duel with Virochan and kills him. Bali is furious with this news and swears to destroy Indra.

Episode 44
Vishnu confronts Indra for brutally killing Bali. Indra defends his action by proclaiming he was provoked by Virochan's edicts. Vishnu asks Indra to return Bali's body. Vishnu condemns the Devas and severes all ties with them. Guru Shukracharya brings Bali back to life. He performs Bali's coronation and asks him to punish Indra. Bali invades Devloke and defeats Indra.

Episodes 45 to 49

Episode 45
Having vanquished Devraj Indra and the other Devas, Bali places their crowns at the feet of his guru Sukracharya who is grateful to him. Sukracharya reminds Bali that his great grandfather also bad done so but returned it back to Devas. Vishnu blames the Devas for their clamity. Aditi - the mother of the Devas visits sage Kashyap and her sister Diti but to no avail. Narad visits Lord Vishnu to seek answers.

Episode 46
Bali is furious to learn that the Devas are still worshipped by Manavloke and decides to invade Earth. Narad gives this news to Prahlad. Laxmi warns Bali of the consequences. But Bali remains adamant and invades Earth. The Devas plead to Aditi for help. Aditi pleads to Lord Vishnu who agrees to pardon the Devas and punish Bali for invading Earth.

Episode 47
Lord Vishnu is born as 'Vaman Avtar' (a dwarf) to Aditi. During the ceremony in presence of the gods the meaning of 'sacred thread' and 'Bhiksha' is explained. Lord Vishnu pardons Indra and the other gods but only if they remain humble and considerate. Lord Vishnu as Vaman goes to Bali and asks for three paces of land. Bali is amused but Guru Sukracharya is suspicious. Bali grants Vaman his wish who turns into a 'urugyu', his legs stretched beyond the abyss and his head rose above the clouds. Bali is overwhelmed by humility and bows to Lord Vishnu for not recognizing him. Lord Vishnu grants him salvation.

Episode 48
Lord Vishnu tells Bali that while he was charitable and good to his subjects but he had become proud and arrogant and it was necessary to teach him a lesson. Bali is grateful to Lord Vishnu and Goddess Laxmi. Dharti concludes Bali's story and introduces the next one of Lord Vishnu as Parasuram. It was a time for the supremacy of the Brahmas and the Ashrams were flourishing Kshastri kings started to resent the Ashrams.

Episode 49
King Saharsra appear before the Rishis for hitting Saint Jumdagini's son. He accuses the boy for obstructin his path. Rishis remind him that the land once donated belongs to the Ashram and he is forced to apologize to the little boy. Annoyed he meets with the other kings to control the power of the Ashrams by taxing them and stopping aid

Episodes 50 to 54

Episode 50
Saint Jamdagni is happy to receive supplies for the ashram from the citizens who sympathized with them when the state stopped their aid. He visits king Sahasra to stop his confrontation with the ashrams.  Sahasra is adamant and is enraged when his secret of stealing the ashram cows is discovered. He orders the ashrams around his kingdom to be burnt and razed to the ground. Lord Vishnu is unhappy about these events and decides to reincarnate himself as Parshuram born to Renuka, Saint Jamdagni's wife.

Episode 51
Lord Vishnu is angry with atrocities being committed by king Sahasra Arjun and his associates on the Ashrams. His Ansh Avatar Parshuram is still a child and has to take time to grow up when he would avenge the atrocities. Parshuram's parents are surprised by his interest in martial arts and the army he is raising to oppose the king. Once Parrshuram is chased by soldiers and takes shelter in a temple of Lord Shiva. Shiva appears and advises him to become his pupil to lear advance martial arts.

Episode 52
Parshuram decides to go to Mount Kailash for ten years to learn martial arts. Jamdagini tries to dissuade him and pleas that a Brahman does not learn martial arts for destruction, he learns it to teach others. Parshuram declares that he no longer is a Brahman and putting an end to king's atrocities is his only mission in life. After the long walk he reaches mount Kailash with wounded feet. Seeing his determination Shiva accepts him as his pupil. Power continues to corrupt Sahasra Arjun he annexes even the kingdoms of his allies.

Episode 53
Confrontation between Sahasra and Ravan continues. Parshuram completes his penance and becomes the most skillful warrior of his time. He receives an axe as a weapon from Lord Shiva. Renuka decides to meet Sahasra and put some sense into him. She goes to his palace and is made a prisoner.

Episode 54
Sahasra's lecherous behavior enrages Renuka and she stabs him. Jamdagini accuse her for being unfaithful. He asks his sons to kill their mother. Parshuram loves his mother but obeys his father. Pleased with this he promises Parshuram to give him what he wants most. Parshuram asks to bring his mother back to life. 

Episodes 55 to 59 

Episode 55
Parshuram's act make his father realize his mistake. He asks for his wife's forgiveness and Renuka does so and hopes that the entire episode will be a lesson to future generations. Parshuram confronts Sahasra-arjun for his atrocities and lack of respect for women, but pardons his life when his wife comes forward to protect him. Sage Vaishishnath visits Jandagni with Sage Parival's daughter Anamika who is pleased to see her childhood frind Parshuram.

Episode 56
Sage Vaishishnath tells Jamdagni of the cow Sushila he has presented to him is capable of providing as much as one needs. Anamika remembers her childhood but Parshuram remarks that he has changed a lot. Sahasra-arjun sends his enaparti to kill Parshuram and destroy the ashram. Sahasra soldiers' capture Jamdagni, Renuka and others from the ashram.

Episode 57
Anamika follows Parshuram but he tells her to return to ashram. Sahasra senapati asks for his pardon by one more chance to kill Parshuram. His senapati goes to Ravan to help in return for his release. Ravan refuses to help him in his evil and cowardly act and prefers to stay captive.

Episode 58
Sahasra-arjun is sure that only Parshuram was responsible for Ravan's escape, so he sends his son as brahmins to the ashram. Sahasra sons injure Jamdagni and take the miraculous cow Sushila with them. Anamika informs Parshuram in the forest. He returns to the Ashram where Jamdagni agrees with him that only violence can curb violence.

Episode 59
Sahasra-arjun is facing a civil war as Parshuram has raised an army of gorilla fighters. He collects the neighbouring kings to fight back the Brahmans led by Parshuram. He also seeks the help of Vishwamitra, but he is not ready to lift arm against Brahmins. So, Sahasra abducts Anamika.
Episodes 60 to 64 

Episode 60
Lord Shiva calls his devotee and asks him to kill Sahasra-arjun for his sinful acts. Parshuram first kills the four sons of Sahasra one by one and then he confronts Sahasra-arjun and kills him. Anamika dies in an event to protect Parshuram. Parshuram vows to kill all the twenty one kings who had joined hands with Sahasra-arjun and to fill the Kurukshetra pond with their blood.

Episode 61
Dharti mentions that Sahasra-arjun is killed but the tyrants that cause suffering in humanity continue to exist. Ravan's atrocities had spread in all direction. Lord Vishnu decides to reincarnate himself as Ram and also asks Laxmi to be born to the King Dashrath and Sita is the daughter of King Janak of Mithila. King Dashrath had three wives - Kaushalya, Sumittra and Kaikeyi. King Dashrath was fond of hunting and one day hunting a deer near the river Saryau, his arrow strikes and kills a youth Shravan Kumar who had come to the river to fetch water for his blind parents.

Episode 62
Parshuram returns to his mother and presents the heads of the sons of Sahasra-arjun. She is not happy. Like her husband she too hated violence. Parshuram declares that to protect the weak violence is sometimes necessary. Hearing her sons words of revenge she dies. Sahasra-arjun is furious to see the death of his sons and swears vengeance. Sahasra-arjun is furious to see the death of his sons and swears vengeance.

Episode 63
Sahasra-arjun draws upon a plan to trap Parshuram by pretending to be weak and let Parshuram get close to him and then surrounds him using the forces of all the other kings. Parshuram meets with Sahasra-arjun alone and offers to end the war if Sahasra-arjun apologizes for the attrocities he has done. Sahasara-arjun refuses and is killed by Parshuram in the war. Gods shower flowers as Righteousness wins over evil. Parshuram visits Lord Shiva to return his bow. Shiva asks him to give to Ravan or Janak who are his devotees.

Episode 64
Parshuram visits Ravan's court but Ravan's behavior towards his subjects stops him from giving the bow. On theway to King Janak he meets Shravan who is taking his parents on pilgrimage. Upon reaching Janak's court Parshuram is received with honor and respect due to an acharaya; so he leaves Shiv's bow in Janak's care and returns to his abode to become an Acharya again.

Episodes 65 to 69 

Episode 65
sees a pretty girl mediating on mount Kailash and falls in love with her. He breaks her penance and asks her to marry him. When she refuses his offer, he rapes her. On his way to Kashi, Sharavan rests to bring water to his blind parents. Dashrath who is hunting nearby, kills Shravan by mistake. Shravan asks him to look after his parents and dies. Dashrath goes to his parents give the bad news. They curse him to face a death grieving for his son as they grieve for Shravan and die.

Episode 66
King Dashrath performs the last rites of Shravan Kumar and his parents. He is sad and feels guilty. He goes to religious court, the sages absolve him of guilt but ask him to never shoot an arrow on merely hearing a sound. Dashrath learns that Ravan has invaded the neighbouring state Kaipaya, so he goes to help him. During the batter, his sarathi is killed but a young man takes the sarathi’s place. Dashrath discovers that the young man is king Kaikaya’s daughter in disguise.

Episode 67
In a fierce battle Dahsrath defeats Ravan. During the battle Kaikayee saves Dashrath’s life twice. King Kaikaya welcomes the victorious Dashrath to his palace. Kaikayee expresses a desire to marry him but Dashrath politely tells her he has to get permission from his two queens. At the same time, Dashrath promises to fulfill Kakayee two wishes at anytime during his lifetime. Upon return Dashrath tells the queens who agree and ask sage Vashisht to take the proposal to King Kaikaya.  

Episode 68
Sage Vashisht is about to send a priest when a purohit arrives from King Kaikaya with the marriage proposal. They happily agree and Dsahrath marries Kaikayee. Meanwhile, Ravan’s atrocities against the sages continues to rise. He levies tax on sages and when they are unable to pay, he orders 4 cups of blood to be drained from their bodies. Lord Vishnu declare that the time has come for him to reincarnate himself as Ram.  

Episode 69
King Dashrath expresses his disappointment for being childless. Rishi Vashisht asks him to perform Kameshri Yagna. Ravan’s demon spill the blood of Rishi in fields of King Janaks Mithila which results in Famine. King Janak’s priests advise him to plough the field himself and fixes a date.


Episodes 70 to 74 

Episode 74
Ravan asks Meghnath to join the battlefield who says he will join after he has concluded his worship of Maya Shakti. The battle between Ravan and Indra begins. Kumbhakarna falls asleep and Indra succeeds in holding Ravan captive. Meghnath arrives and defeats the gods and imprison them. In Ayodhya King Dashrath with his queens names his children. Narad informs Laxmi that her hour to descend on earth has arrived. Laxmi manifests as earth's daughter on Earth. King Janak plows the fields, where he finds the girl child.

Episodes 75 to 78

Episode 75
The Brahmins of Mithila oppose King Janak's accepting the earth's child but he convinces them and names the child 'Sita'. Manthara attempts to kill young Ram but fails. Ravan summons all the captive gods and goddesses to his palace and orders Kaal to be tied to his bed. King Dashrath sends his sons Ram, Laxman Bharat and Shatrughana to the Ashram of Sage Vashista.

Episode 76
At Rish Vashista's Ashram, Ram expresses a strong desire for knowledge and asks the meaning of religion. King Janak informs his wife Sunayna that he has invited Sage Gautam to the palace to train Sita on thedecorum of the royal palace.

Episode 77
When sage Gautam arrives at King Janak's court all rise to welcome him but Sita turns her face away from him. She reminds him of wrongly accusing and punishing his pretty wife Ahilya by turn her into a stone. Gautam remembers the incident when he had found her with Indra who had deceived her by coming in form of Gautam. Sita refuses to respect Gautam and to accept him as Guru.

Episode 78
When Sage Gautam arrives at King Janak's court, all rise to welcome him but Sita turns her face away from him. She reminds him of wrongly accusing and punishing his pretty wife Ahilya by turning her into a stone. Gautam remembers the incident when he had found her with Indra who had deceived her by coming in form of Gautam. Sita refuses to respect Gautam and accept him as Guru. 

Episodes 79 to 86

Episode 79 
Dharti - the narrator talks about Lord Vishnu's promise to incarnate himself to protect and propagat righteousness in the universe. Dharti reminds us of the various incarnation of Vishnu right up to the birth of Sri Ram.

Episode 80
Ram and his three brothers - Bharat, Laxman and Shatrughan, are sad to leave Guru Sage Vashisht's ashram, but want to return to Ayodhya. Sage Vishwamitra visits King Dashrath and requests Sri Ram to come and protect his yagna from the demons.

Episode 81
King Dashrath offers himself and his army but Sage Vishwamitra insists on taking only Ram. Ram agrees to go as he knows Sage Vishwamitra is developing weapons to kill the demons. Laxman insists to go with Ram as he has vowed to be his shadow.

Episode 82
While rescuing the sages, Ram is confronted by demoness Tadka, who uses her 'Mayavi' (magical) weapons to attack. Sri Ram uses his celestial arrows to kill her. Sage Vishwamitra wants no interruption during his yagna. When Tadka's son Subahu and Mareechack attack. Sri Ram kills Subahu and shoots an arrow which sends Mareechack to Ravan informing him of the news of their death.

Episode 83
King Dashrath informs his queens of Sri Ram's and Laxman's return after finishing their training. Sage Vishwamitra accepts the invitation to princess Janaki's swayamver in Mithila and plans to take Ram with him. On the way they stop at Sage Gautam's ashram where Ram relieves Sati Ahilya from the curse.

Episode 84
King Janak who wants a suitable brave prince for his daughter had decided that she will be married to a prince who can lift Lord Siva's bow. Sage Vishvamitra arrives with Ram and Laxman. They are also joined by Bharat and Shatrughan.

Episode 85 

Sage Shatnand is thankful to Sri Ram for rescuing his mother (Sati Ahilya). While plucking flowers, Sri Ram and Janaki (Sita) meet. The meeting stirs their souls. Janaki prays to Goddess Gauri who appears and blesses her that they will be married.

Episode 86
Ravan also plans to attend the Swayamver and ignores his queen's warning that he is destined to be killed by a Manav. At the Swayamver, Ravan is unable to lift Lord Shiva's bow. King Janak is worried about his pledge, but is delighted when Ram easily picks up the bow.

Episodes 87 to 94

Episode 87
Everyone is delighted by Sri Ram's success. Parsuram's meditation is broken with the loud thunder when Ram break Shiva's bow. Parsuram visits Mithila and confronts Ram. Laxman explains that no disrespect was meant to Lord Siva. Parsuram realizes and offers his bow to Ram. King Janak invites King Dashrath for the wedding.

Episode 88
Kekeyie is happy to learn about Sri Ram's marriage. Manthra tried to dampen her spirits. Sage Vishwamitra suggests to King Janak that Sita's three sisters will be ideal match for Ram's brothers. King Dashrath also agrees and is welcomed by King Janak.

Episode 89
After the marrage King Dashrath sends a message about their return. Queen Keykayie decides to present all the ornaments to Sita that she received at her marriage. The newly wed couples are welcomed in Ayodhaya.

Episode 90
Keykayie welcomes her son Bharat and his wife Mandvi. Manthra tells Keykayie that it is a mistake to give all her precious ornaments to Sita. King Dashrath plans for Ram's Coronation. Ram says that Bharat will be a better king and suggests they ask the public representatives to make a decision.

Episode 91
Queen Keykeyie's brother arri es and takes Bharat to visit her ailing parents. The representatives pick Ram as the future king as he is the ablest and eldest.

Episode 92
Manthra misleads Keykayie about her son's position being weak after Ram's coronation. Ram is coached by Sage Vashishth about his role as Yuvraj.

Episode 93
Manthra tells Keykayie of Ram's selection and reminds her of King Dashrath's promise to fulfill her two wishes. Manthra visits King Dashrath and informs him that Keykayie is upset and wants to see him

Episode 94
Keykayie tells King Dashrath of not informing her of Ram's coronation and reminds him of the two wishes he had promised. She wishes Bharat to be appointed as King and send Ram to the forest for 14 years. Dashrath is stunnned to hear her wishes.

Episodes 95 to 102

Episode 95
Shri Ram visits mother Kaushalya for her blessing when Sumant tells them about Keykayie’s order that Bharat is to be the king and Ram’s exile for 14 years. Shri Ram meets Kaykayie and asks for blessing. Upon Dashrath’s request to revolt, Shri Ram reminds his duty to keep his father’s promises to Kaykayie. 

Episode 96
Sita convinces the queen Kaushalya to let her accompany Ram to the forest. Sumitra meets Kaushalya and requests to question Kekayie’s decision. Kaushalya advises against such an action as this would be against Raghus tradition who never go back on their word. 

Episode 97
Lashman decides to accompany Sri Ram to the forest. Sri Ram dons the saffron robes as he prepares to leave for exile. Sita also joins Ram and discards her royal robe and ornaments except “chudamani” given to her by kekayie. 

Episode 98
Sita ssumes Urmila too will be accompanying Laxman but is informed otherwise as Laxman is going as a servant of Rama and did not want to burden his master. Sita admires her for her sacrifice and big heartedness.

 Episode 99
King Dashrath is hurt to discover Sita and Laxman are also going to the forest with Shri Ram. He tries to dissuade them but they convince him they are duty bound. Queen Kekayie tells them it is a wise decision as this will not leave any chance of a revolt against Bharat. Sri Ram assures Keykayie that any revolt against Bharat would have to reckon with him first. Dashrat is heart broken and promises never to see Kekayie’s face again.

 Episode 100
Vishadraj is upset to see Ram, Sita and Laxman in saffron robes. Shri Ram tells him to have faith in King Dashrath. Bharat and Shatraghun take lieave from their maternal grandfather. King Dashrath is ashamed to cause so much grief to Kaushalya and Sumitra. He waits anxiously for his prime who has sent to get Shri Ram.

Episode 101
Shri Ram thanks Vishadraj for helping him cross the river. The prime minister arrives but Shri Ram refuses to return and tells him to take care of the king and Ayodhya. Keykai assures herself of her decision. Lord Shiva tells Devi Parvati why Kind Dashrath had to keep his word given to Keykayie and how Vishnu  has incarted himself as Ram.

Episode 102
Dashrath dies with Ram’s name on his lips. Keykayie laments that he died before prince Bharat’s coronation. Keykayie arrives to see Dashrath but is not allowed to enter since it was Dashrath’s last wish. Bharat and Shatrughan are stunned to learn about their father’s death. Bharat is dumb founded when he finds out that he is to be coronated instead of Ram. He refuses to be coronated and decides to meet Shri Ram


Episodes 103 to 109

Episode 103
Bharat is stunned to find out that his mother is responsible for Ram's exile. Bharat's grief is further enhanced when he learns that his father, King Dashrath, has died. Manthra tries to convince Bharat that his mother did this to make him the king. He scolds and accuses her of being the main culprit. Sage Vashishth asks Bharat to perform the last rites of his father. 

Episode 104
Sita feels that some calamity has happened in Ayodhaya. She tells Ram of her dream of King Dashrath leaving the palace in Sanyasi robe. Ram suggests to Sita that this may be the case as Dashrath has taken Sanyas after Bharat's coronation. Queen Kekai blames herself for her husband's death. Kaushalya takes Kekai to participate in the last rites, but the Prime Minister stops her on the plea that this was Dashrath's last wish.

Episode 105
Dashrath is cremated and and Kekai laments before his ashes. Sri Ram and Laxman reach Prayag, where all the three rivers, Ganga, Yamuna and Saraswati meet. Sri Ram remembers Guru Vashishth telling him about Sage Bhardwaj's Ashram in Prayag, so he decides to meet the great sage. In Ayodhaya, Bharat refuses to be coroneted and decides to go to meet Sri Ram and bring him back.

Episode 106
Bharat visits Kekai and asks her to accompany her to the forest to bring Sri Ram home. Maharaj Janak and his wife Sunaina are stunned to learn about Sri Ram's expulsion from Ayodhaya and Bharat has gone after Sri Ram with huge army. Fearing the worst, he too decides to go to the forest to protect Sri Ram. Sri Ram plans to visit Sage Valmiki in Chitrakoot.

Episode 107
After meeting Sri Ram, Sage Valmiki shows his manuscript of the life of Sri Ram. Shri Ram remembers the time he met Sita in the Royal garden and is sorry to see her roaming in the forest with him. Sita assures she is happy to be with him. Laxman learns about Bharat's army and prepares to confront him. Sri Ram assures Laxman that Bharat hasn't come to invade him.

Episode 108
ri Ram meets Bharat and is saddened to learn about King Dashrath's demise. Indra and Varun along with other gods are concerned that if Bharat succeeds in taking Sri Ram back to Ayodhaya, who will kill the tyrant Asur Ravan. Brahma assures them that Lord Vishnu has re-incarnated as Sri Ram to show the human beings the importance of the family values and to set an example of  perfect human being. Sri Ram insists on honoring his father's word by not returning to Ayodhaya. Bharat takes Sri Ram's wooden sandals to place them on the throne, as a symbol that Sri Ram is still the ruler.

Episode 109
Sri Ram decides to make Panchvati forest as his next abode. Jatayu appears in the sky and flys down to greet them. Jatayu tells them how King Dashrath had saved him from the demons. Jatayu escorts them to Panchvati. Ravan decides to visit his brothers Khar and Dhushan with his sister Shrupnakha. Vibhushan tells Ravan about his premonition that he will be faced with danger and discourages him to leave Lanka. Ravan delays his departure while his sister decides to visit alone. Khar Bhushan's demons harrass some sages and Sri Ram kills the demons. Trishira arrives after being wounded by Sri Ram and tells them about this invincible human. Shrupnakha decides to go to Panchvati. She finds Sri Ram looks divine and is attracted towards him. Shrupnakha tries to lure Sri Ram, who tells her that he is married and in good humor suggests her to try her luck with Laxman.

Episodes 110 to 114

Episode 110
Laxman expresses his inability to marry Shrupnikha. After seeing Sita's beauty, Shrupnakha attempts to disfigure her. In anger Laxman cuts Shrupnikha's nose. Shrupnikha threatens to come back with her brother to avenge her injury. Shrupnikha alongwith her brother Khar, Dushan and Trishira returns and demands Ram to handover Sita and Laxman to them. Laxman kills Trishira and Ram kills Dushan and Khar. Shrupnikha goes to Ravan who is furious and decides to attack Ram. He asks for Mareechch's help

Episode 111
Sita sees a golden deer in the forest and asks Sri Ram to bring it to her. Ram's arrow strikes the golden deer which turns to his original form of Mareechch and cries for help. Sita feels that Ram is in danger and asks Laxman to go for his help. Laxman draws a line to guard Sita from demons. Mareechch confesses to Sri Ram before dying and asks for salvation. Laxman arrives and Sri Ram scolds him for leaving Sita alone. Ravan, posing as a Brahmin, abducts Sita. Jatayu attempts to rescue Sita, but is killed by Ravan. Ram and Laxman meet Jatayu and learn about Ravan. On the way Sita throws her divine ornaments to let Ram track her.

Episode 112
Ravan brings Sita to Lanka and keeps her in the custody of Trijita and her demonesses. Sita addresses Trijita as mother. Trijita is moved and she promises to look after Sita. Shrupnikha is happy to see Ravan avenge her injury. Ravan imprisons Shrupnikha to stop her from harming Sita . Kaal (the god of death) warns Ravan of his sins and for inviting his death. Ravan's mother is concerned for him. Ram and Laxman continue their search for Sita and meet Shabri who has been mistreated by sages. 

Episode 113
A group of sages is searching for food and water. Whenever they touch any fruit it disappears. Same happens to the water in the pond, whenever the attempt to quench their thirst. The sages realize that they are being punished for disrespecting Shabri as an untouchable. They arrive at Shabri's Ashram and ask for her forgiveness. Shabri says she has met Ram and reached salvation. She meditates and burns herself into ashes. Ram pays respects to her departing soul and continues his journey. Sugreev meets Hanuman and tells him about the two sages in the forest. Lord Shiva tells Parvati that he has incarnated as Hanuman to serve Sri Ram. Ram meets Sugriv who shows him the ornaments thrown by Sita.

Episode 114
Sugreev tells Ram the story of his brother Bali, how he fought mayavi demons and was trapped in the cave. He had told Sugreev to assume him dead if he doesnot come out within 15 days. Sugreev waited 30 days and assuming the worse requested his subjects to allow him to take care of the realm till prince Angad was old enough to rule. Later, Bali emerged alive from the cave and beat up Bali for betraying him and leaving him for dead. Ram helps Sugreev by killing Bali. Sugreev sends his army to look after Sita. Ram is sad and remembers Sita.

Episodes 115 to 119

Episode 115
Jambyant, Angad, Hanuman are searching for Sita and come to a mountain range. They see a giant bird that attacks them. Angad calls the name of bird Jatayu. The bird is actually Jatayu younger brother Sampaati. He learns about his brother's demise by Ravan in attempt to save Sita. Sampaati has seen Sita in Ashok Vatika, Ravan's favorite spot. Hanuman thanks him for his help. Hanuman crosses the sea with the help of Sursa and gets to Lanka and kills Demoness Lankini who attempts to stop him. He also meets Ravan's brother Vibhushan. Ravan comes to Sita and gives her one month to accept him as her master and Lord. Hanuman meets Sita as Ram's messenger.

Episode 116
Prince Aksh returns home to Ravan when some demons come and tell of the monkey that is causing havoc in Ashok Vatika. Aksh decides to go go and nab the monkey. Aksh and his associates attack Hanuman but are unable to harm him. Hanuman kills Aksh and tells the demons to take the body to Ravan. Meghnad swears vengeance and uses celestial weapons to imprison Hanuman. Ravan asks Hanuman to reveal his identity and learns he is Ram's messenger. He asks to pour oil on Hanuman and set his tail on fire. Hanuman burns Lanka and jumps into the sea to extinguish the fire on his tail.

Episode 117
Hanuman returns to Sri Ram and tells him that Mata Sita has only one month to survive. Ram and Laxman along with Sugreev's army leave for Lanka and camp by the seashore. Kaal warns Ravan that his end is near. Ravan learns of the monkey army from his people and Vibhushan warns him not to fight and return Sita. Ravan is enraged and calls Vibhushan a coward and asks him to leave his kingdom. Vibhushan comes to Sri Ram. Sugreev and Angad think that he might be Ravan's spy, but Hanuman knows better. Vibhushan asks for political asylum. Vibhushan advises Ram to pray to the Seagod for permission to cross the sea. Seagod appears and advises Sri Ram about Neel and Nal (the two monkeys) who have a boon to build a bridge anywhere. Neel and Nal make a stone bridge across the sea. Sri Ram does not want to wage war against Ravan and sends Angad to request Sita's release.

Episode 118
Ravan ridicules Angad in the court and says he has been sent because Ram is afraid to fight with him. He also tells Angad and Ram has killed his father Bali. Angad tells that Bali had turned evil and deserved to be killed. Angad puts one foot on the ground and challenges Ravan to ask his men to move it. Ravan's men fail to do so. In anger Ravan asks Angad to be imprisoned but nobody dares to attempt. Angad leaves the court triumphantly.

Episode 119
Meghnad confronts Laxman in battle and uses a celestial weapon on him. Laxman falls on the ground and faints. Jambwant advises Ram to use Ravan's vaid (medical practitioner). Vaid requires Sanjeevni herb to revive Lakshman. Hanuman goes to bring the life saving herb. Upon reaching the Himalayas he picks up the entire mountain and brings it to the battlefield. Ravan wakes up Kumbh Karan and asks him to help him in the war. Kumbh Karan also advises Ravan to return Sita to Sri Ram and avoid the war, but Ravan is adamant. Hanuman arrives with the herb and Laxman is revived. Kumbh Karan is killed in the battle.

Episodes 120 to 124

Episode 120
Meghnad, who is praying to Lord Shiva, is warned by Ravan not to break his meditation as it would be disastrous. Hanuman takes the shape of a little fly to disturb Meghnad's meditation. After a while he takes his normal shape and taunts Meghnad for sitting there like a coward. Meghnad is furious and breaks his meditation and attacks Hanuman. Hanuman manages to bring him outside the temple where Bharat is waiting for him. A dual between Meghnad and Laxman follows in which Meghnad is killed. Meghnad's head is lying on the ground. Vibhushan feels sorry for his death and blames Ravan for his demise. Soon Meghnad's wife Sulochana arrives there to claim the head of her husband. Sri Ram treats her with respect and sympathizes with her. He allows her to collect her husband and carry him with dignity. Sri Ram comments on the futility of wars. Ravan confronts Sri Ram and boasts he would kill him. Sri Ram accuses Ravan of being a tyrant and killing saints to satisfy his ego. He tells him that he had taken birth to kill him and abolish evil from the earth so that righteousness may prevail. As Sri Ram cuts Ravan's head, another head appears on his shoulders. Vibhushan tells him that Ravan can only be killed if he attacked on his "Naabhi" (umbilical ). Sri Ram takes the hint and kills Ravan. Sri Ram is ready to return to Ayodhya with Sita and Laxman. He is worried about Bharat who had vowed to kill himself if Ram's arrival in Ayodhya was delayed even by a day after the period of his exile was over. Vibhushan lends his Pushpak Viman to him so that he can fly back and reach in time. Sri Ram arrives in Ayodhya and is united with Bharat..

Episode 121
Mother Earth concludes that whenever she was riddled with sinners, whenever the human race was endangered - the Creator of the Universe, the God incarnated Himself. She summarizes the 10 incarnation of Vishnu beginning with the incident of Jai and Vijay, who due to a curse were borne twice as demons and became enemies of the God. and the God had incarnated Himself as Narsimha and Sri Ram to slay Hiranyaksh, Hirankashyap, Kumbhakaran and Ravan. In the form of Kans, Jai has spread terror in Mathura. The tyrant Kans had fixed his sister Devaki's marriage with his friend Vasudev. He is informed that God of Death was waiting for this union as Devaki's eighth son will kill him. He imprisons his sister and brother-in-law so that he could kill their sons. Kans kills Devaki's six sons, but Vasudev's first wife Rohini took away their seventh son. Lord Krishna is borne as the eighth son. Kans sends Demon queen Putna to kill Krishna. Child Krishna sucks out her life. Lord Krishna as child performs Leelas with cowherd friends. Kans goes through nightmares. Krishna kills Kans' elephant Kuwaliyapeed. Krishna appears in various forms in Rangshala. Krishna kills Kans.

Episode 122
Using the scenes from previous volumes, this episode summarizes Lord Vishnu's Ten Incarnations. The first incarnation was as a fish to protect Manu and to punish the demon Haideev who had stolen the four "Vedas" that Brahma had created for the welfare of mankind. Angered with the slaying of Haideev, demon Hiranyaksh kidnapped Mother Earth thus endangering the entire human race. This necessitated Vishnu's third incarnation as a Boar. He killed Hianyaksh and rescued Mother Earth. The menace of demons was increasing specially after their Guru - Shukracharya had gained the precious 'mantra' from Shiva for giving new life to dead demons. To grant immortality to gods, it was decided to derive Elixir by churning the ocean. To raise a mountain from the sea for churning, the Lord Vishnu took the incarnation of a Turtle.  To avenge the death of his brother, demon Hirnayakashpu gained a boon from Brahma which made his death almost impossible. He banned the devotion of Vishnu on earth and compelled people, including his son, to worship him. To end his atrocities Lord Vishnu made his son Prahlad as his ardent devotee. Hirnayakashpu used various methods to get his son killed. Lord Vishnu took the incarnation of Narsingha to destroy him. To end the arrogance of King Bali, Lord Vishnu took the Vaman Avtar - His fifth incarnation. When Kings began forgetting their duty as administrator and were closing down hermitages and schools then Lor Vishnu incarnated Himself as Parshuram and then the seventh incarnation as Rama. To relieve the world from the injustice of Kans and Kauravas Lord Vishnu took the eighth incarnation as Lord Krishna. And in recent times, when deception was at it's zenith  when the priests had spread the evils of superstitions in the society, the Lord Vishnu took the ninth incarnation - of Lord Gautam Buddha - to give a new direction of non-violence to the world. The present era is called 'Kalyug'. In Srimad Bhagvad - the great Sage Vyas has said that in the final phase of 'Kalyug' Lord Vishnu shall reincarnate Himself as Kalki. Thus concludes the sacred Vishnupuran.

Episode 123
This episode uses several important scenes from Dr. B.R. Chopra's Mahabharat tv serial to depict the importance of women in the Indian mythology. It deals with Rukmani's marriage to Krishna which highlights a woman's right to have a major say in the selection of her life partner. It also covers the story of Subhadra's abduction by Arjun with the help of Lord Krishna. (This episode is without English subtitles)

Episode 124
This last episode also uses material from Mahabharat tv serial. Krishna drives Arjun to the middle of the battlefield in his chariot. Arjun sees the men on the battlefield and tells Krishna, "Winning a kingdom after killine one's own kin is too heavy a price to pay. I prefer to be a beggar if this is the price I have to pay for our throne." Krishna's teaching to Arjun at the battlefield form the basis of the "Bhagawad Gita" Unable to satisfy Arjun's hopeless consciouce, Krishna grants divine eyesight to Arjun and stuns him with his "Viraat Roop" (divine manifestation). Arjun is consoled and enlightened. He understands that the pure seek the spirit while the impure are trapped in "Prakriti" (Matter). He agrees to do his duty selflessly, lifts his "Gandeev" and prepares to fight the Kauravas. (This episode is without English subtitles)





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